Our opinion pieces on key economics issues

INSIGHT: Wile E. Coty

James Harvey, one of our Directors, discusses the implications of the Coty judgment for online selective distribution and platform bans from an economics perspective in Wile E. Coty, published by Concurrences.  The article explores whether the European Court of Justice’s conclusion should apply to “non-luxury” products, too, and if not, how one is able to…

INSIGHT: United Kingdom Overview

James Harvey, a Director of Economic Insight, provides an overview on key competition economics issues in the UK in an article for the Global Competition Review (GCR).  This includes an overview on behavioural trials recommended by the UK Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) and considerations on interest claims in litigation.   Download: United Kingdom Overview

INSIGHT: Four Practical Issues to Keep (at Least) One Eye on in 2018 – An Economist’s Perspective

James Harvey discusses four practical competition litigation issues to keep an eye on in 2018 in an article for the International Comparative Legal Guide to: Competition Litigation 2018.  These include measuring pass-on and interest rates, defining the right counterfactual and working with economists and other experts.   Download: Four Practical Issues to Keep (at Least)…