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We use our skills to help firms identify sources of value and then formulate strategies to exploit that value.

The goal of commercial strategy is to maximise value which, in the longer term, means identifying and developing a source of competitive advantage – finding something that you can do, but your rivals cannot. At Economic Insight we believe that our expertise as economists makes us ideally placed to help firms do exactly that. Put simply, microeconomics is about understanding markets and the profitability drivers of firms, we use economic analysis to deliver real benefits to the bottom line.

Our primary research service is offered under our EI Connect brand. We provide the full suite of primary research techniques through EI Connect – from the design and implementation of surveys, to the latest methods based on lab and field experiments. By working closely with the users of our research, we make sure we always pick the right tools for the job.


  • Develop new strategies that reflect underling sources of value in order to improve profitability in a measurable way.
  • Create clear value frameworks and enhanced MI to help firms better understand their profitability and make better decisions.
  • Help firms develop pricing strategies and implement price optimisation.
  • Advise on market entry and exit decisions.


  • Financial Modelling.
  • Economic & Statistical Techniques.
  • Price Optimisation Tools.
  • Game Theory.
  • Primary Research; including consumer surveys and experiments.


Whatever your commercial strategy requirements our expert team are here to provide bespoke advice and assess your options.