28.06.2016 – LSB Report

Catherine Dixon, Chief Executive of the Law Society of England and Wales, today referenced Economic Insight’s report Unregulated legal service providers – Understanding supply-side characteristics, commissioned by the Legal Services Board (LSB), in the Commons Justice hearing on legal services regulation.  We undertook both qualitative and quantitative analysis for this in depth study of the supply side…

17.06.2016 – The Water Report Article

The Water Report has published an article by Sam Williams “New markets: short term costs and long term gains”.  The article discusses how the nature of costs incurred in liberalised markets can differ from those in regulated monopoly markets; and how in some cases “additional” costs may arise – even if in totality, costs are…

03.06.2016 – Utility Week Article

Utility Week has published an article by James Harvey “If at first you don’t succeed…”. The article discusses the use of experiments in order to develop better customer engagement in regulated markets.  It is available for download in the publications section of this website.

01.06.2016 – RSSB Appointment

RSSB (the Rail Standards and Safety Board) has hired Economic Insight to provide strategic advice to support the ongoing review by the ORR (Office of Rail and Road) into RSSB’s role, funding and governance.  Economic Insight will be working closely with RSSB’s senior team to help manage the organisation’s engagement in the review process.