19.06.2017 – Water Report Article

The Water Report has published an article by Chris Pickard and Sam Williams – a Senior Consultant and a Director of Economic Insight – on the analysis we undertook for Severn Trent Water on Ofwat’s PR19 proposals for water resources.  One of our main findings is that Ofwat’s proposals will result in a hierarchy of…

09.06.2017 – Utility Week Article

Utility Week has published an article by James Harvey, a Director of Economic Insight, “Where now for an energy price cap?”.  The article assesses the potential effects of an energy price cap, based on our model of the UK retail energy market.  It is available on the Utility Week website.

05.06.2017 – Khaldia Al Kasm joins Economic Insight

We are delighted to welcome Khaldia Al Kasm to Economic Insight.  Khaldia joins the firm from University College London, where she received a Distinction for her MSc degree in economics and was awarded a scholarship by the Said Foundation.  She has previously held audit roles at Deloitte and is fluent in English, Arabic and French.