30.09.2017 – GCR Publication

The Global Competition Review (GCR) has published James Harvey’s overview on key competition economics issues in the UK.  This includes an overview on behavioural trials recommended by the UK Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) and considerations on interest claims in litigation. The article can be downloaded from the publications section of this website.

25.09.2017 – Three Report

Ofcom has published a report by Economic Insight on the consumer welfare effects of potential reforms to the mobile switching process in the UK.  The report, commissioned by Three Mobile, shows that total consumer welfare could be harmed if, under proposed reforms, losing providers can contact customers with ‘reactive save’ offers.  Instead, our work suggests…

16.08.2017 – BEIS Appointment

The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) has asked Economic Insight to develop typologies of ‘non-market impacts’ arising from investment in R&D in innovation sectors in the UK.  Our research includes undertaking a comprehensive review of the existing academic literature – and subsequently advising BEIS on how non-market impacts might vary by sector.

16.08.2017 – Three Appointment

Hutchison 3G (Three Mobile) has asked Economic Insight to conduct an analysis of potential reforms to the consumer switching process for mobile in the UK.  We are developing an experimental economics approach to test how reforms might impact likely consumer engagement, and competitive intensity, in the market.