19.04.2016 – European Competition Law Review

The European Competition Law Review has published an article by Madeleine Matos “Price frames, consumer decision making and consumer harm – when does one lead to another?”.  The article assesses how the way prices are presented, so called price frames, as well as their levels can affect competition and consumer welfare.  It is available for…

23.03.2016 – New Client Commission

Economic Insight has been hired by a leading sports equipment retailer to help it identify and evaluate a range of pricing strategy options, where a key consideration is how to generate additional value from its bricks and mortar stores in the face of increased competition from online.

16.03.2016 – Retail Week Sponsorship

Retail Week 2016 starts today.  The Strategy Lab from Economic Insight is proud to be a sponsor.  Tomorrow one of our directors, James Harvey, will be speaking about how experimental economics can help retailers understand the ways in which social media interactions influence customer purchasing decisions.

11.03.2016 – The Office of Rail and Road

The Office of Rail and Road (ORR) has commissioned Economic Insight to undertake a cross-sector review of approaches to settings outcomes frameworks.  Our study will help inform the ORR’s future approach to advising on outcomes in relation to Highways England and the next Road Investment Strategy.

01.03.2016 – Anglian Water Commission

Anglian Water has asked Economic Insight to develop an analysis setting out the practical implications associated with Ofwat’s proposals to formally allocate the historical regulatory capital value across the upstream value chain, as part of the regulator’s proposed package of reforms for the next price control.

22.01.2016 – Strategy Lab at Retail Week Live

Strategy Lab @Economic Insight is sponsoring the forthcoming Retail Week Life conference at which industry’s top executives, most influential personalities and visionaries choose to take to the stage to share their stories, views and predictions for the industry.  James Harvey, one of our directors, will be giving a talk discussing how economic experiments can help predict customer…