12.03.13 – Fraud Conference 2013

Economic Insight Associate speaks at banking and payments industry conference.  Dr Andrew Mell – an Associate of Economic Insight and fellow of Corpus Christi College, Oxford – is speaking at the forthcoming Fraud Conference 2013 held in London on 26th and 27th March.  Andrew will present the economics of combating online credit card fraud and draw out the…

21.01.13 – Mike Brown

Economic Insight expands.  Economic Insight today announces the appointment of Mike Brown, Dr Andrew Mell and Daniel Storey as associates.  In addition, the firm has relocated to 88 Wood Street as part of a staged expansion strategy

15.08.12 – London 2012

Economic Insight has developed a model that allows us to assess the number of medals won by each country at  London 2012 against an ‘expected Olympic performance’ benchmark, which takes into account factors that would influence performance, including: GDP, population size, historic results and number of athletes.  Our analysis shows that Team GB out-performed by 14…

31.07.12 – SRA Consultation

The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) has launched a consultation regarding the process by which law firms refer clients to financial advisers.  Economic Insight advised the SRA on the potential costs and benefits of a range of options for amending the current regulatory approach.