20.08.2019 – MOSL appoints Economic Insight to help undertake strategic review

MOSL – the market operator of England’s non-household water market – has appointed Economic Insight to help undertake a strategic review of its market performance framework (MPF).  The purpose of the MPF is to ensure that the market operations – such as switching processes – happen to a high standard.  The strategic review involves a ‘root and branch’ assessment of whether changes to the existing MPF could improve market operations to the benefit of non-household customers.

09.07.2019 – SRA commissions Economic Insight to develop evaluation framework for reforms

The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) has commissioned Economic Insight to develop an evaluation framework for its Looking to the Future (LTTF) reforms.  The LTTF reforms, which will be implemented in November 2019 in full, bring about far reaching changes to the legal services market and the way consumers will be able to access legal services.  The evaluation framework will provide guidance to the SRA on how best to monitor and evaluate the impact of these reforms once they are implemented later in the year.

01.05.2019 – Economic Insight advises water companies on response to Ofwat’s IAP.

The water industry has been working to develop responses to Ofwat’s Initial Assessment of company plans. Economic Insight has been working with multiple companies to help them develop high quality economics evidence to help influence Ofwat’s approach to the forthcoming draft price determinations. This has included providing Board level briefings on the key strengths and weaknesses in company plans.