03.09.2018 – Water companies submit Business Plans to Ofwat

Today water companies in England and Wales submitted their 5-year Business Plans as part of the PR19 price control process.  Ofwat will now begin scrutinising those plans, with its initial assessment due to be published on January 31st.  As part of its drive to encourage transparency in the sector, company plans can be viewed or downloaded from Ofwat’s website.  Economic Insight has worked extensively with our clients in the sector to help develop their plans, and a range of our expert reports have been submitted by companies as supporting evidence to their proposals.

30.08.2018 – CAA Consultation

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) is currently consulting on its approach to the economic regulation of Gatwick Airport Limited going forward.  Economic Insight responded to the CAA’s consultation.  We believe the Q6 commitment framework, developed through engagement with key stakeholders, is – in the main – an effective way to encourage a competitive service offer for customers.

Our response can be downloaded from the publications section of this website.

07.08.2018 – Competition dispute in bus industry resolved

The dispute between Phil Anslow coaches and Stagecoach (Red and White) has been resolved, it was announced earlier this month.  The settlement includes the construction of two new bus bays at Cwbran bus station, from which Phil Anslow will be able to provide additional services.  Economic Insight were the economics advisors to Phil Anslow with respect to the competition law element of the dispute.

12.07.2018 – Economic Insight speaks at the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority’s 2018 stakeholder summit

At the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority’s 2018 stakeholder summit, Ian Thompson, a Senior Consultant at Economic Insight, presented the findings of our work on the economic impact of Magnox sites.  Our work, which has also been published recently, quantifies the impact that the Magnox sites currently have on their local economies and explores what their potential future impact may be.

14.06.2018 – SRA and Legal Ombudsman Report

The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) and the Legal Ombudsman published Economic Insight’s report Better information in the legal services market.  Our research involved over 4,200 participants and sought to test how consumers’ decisions are affected by the way different regulatory protections – such as SRA regulation, access to the Legal Ombudsman, access to a Compensation Fund,…