Economic Insight is an economics consultancy that provides an unrivalled level of client service. Our unique proposition is that we combine the rigour of technical economics with the consultancy skills of leading strategy houses. We use economics to provide our clients with a fresh perspective on the issues that matter most to them and to support superior decision making.

Our expertise is in helping clients solve critical, real world, strategic problems across the areas of business strategy, regulation, competition law and public policy. Our track record of delivering value-adding results means that we are trusted by major private and public sector organisations to advise at the most senior level. We work across all sectors, from fast moving consumer goods and retail through to regulated utilities. Our breadth of experience allows us to offer cross-sector insights that help our clients achieve their objectives.

As you would expect of a firm of specialist economists, our advice is underpinned by rigorous economic, statistical and financial analysis. But it’s how we use our analysis that makes us different. Our focus is on translating it into clear and valuable advice for our clients. In our opinion, that’s what makes economics relevant.