Regulatory Framework Design
Efficiency Benchmarking
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Cost of Capital
Regulatory Finance
Price Controls

At Economic Insight we provide rigorous advice on regulatory economics across a range of industries and sectors.

We understand that both regulators and regulated companies need to balance a range of objectives and that there are often inherent trade-offs. We also understand that a “one size fits all” approach to regulation is unlikely to make sense given that industries can differ and evolve quickly. In that context, our expertise in regulation and our ability to offer detailed bespoke advice that reflects the realities of the industry in question is invaluable to our clients.


  • Provide advice on the design and reform of regulatory frameworks.
  • Assess the likely impact of alternative forms of regulation.
  • Formulate regulatory strategies that maximise value for firms.
  • Support firms and regulators on all aspects of price reviews.
  • Assess appropriate levels of access and transfer prices.
  • Estimate the cost of capital to underpin regulatory submissions.
  • Undertake relative efficiency benchmarking.


  • Regulatory finance and financial modelling.
  • Econometrics and other benchmarking techniques.
  • Market definition and competition assessment tools.


Whatever your regulatory economic requirements our expert team are here to provide bespoke advice and assess your options.