Developing the gold standard for financeability

23 Nov 2023

Economic Insight is excited to announce the commencement of our ‘financeability blueprint’ programme of work. Between now and Spring 2024, we’ll be taking forward a range of work to answer the ‘key questions’ that determine a best practice approach to assessing financeability in UK regulated infrastructure. Over this period, we’ll be working with leading academics; finance professionals; and other stakeholders to ensure our finalised blueprint represents the ‘gold standard’ in financeability assessments. 

Commenting, Sam Williams (a Director and co-founder of Economic Insight) said: “I’m delighted that Economic Insight are leading the way in this critical area. Over the last 20 years, the assessment of financeability has evolved considerably, such that now is absolutely the right time to bring the focus back to the underlying intuition. In the context of the UK’s persistent low investment and productivity, the importance of this cannot be understated.”

We’ll be publishing summaries of our work periodically with Utility Week (the first of which appears today); cumulating in a ‘launch event’ in London.”

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