OUR PRACTICE AREASREGULATIONExpert regulatory economics advice and financial modelling

Our rapid growth and success in the regulatory sphere means we can work with clients to provide a full service offering when developing regulatory business plans.  This can include:


cost assessment and efficiency benchmarking;


outcomes incentive design, research and implementation;


financeability and the cost of capital;


risk analysis; and


board-level engagement.

We are at the forefront of economic regulation, advising companies and regulators across the water, energy, telecoms, and transport sectors.   Our reputation is built on an enviable track-record of success, whereby we have consistently delivered material (and measurable) wins for our clients, including during price control redeterminations at the CMA.

On any engagement, our starting point is to listen carefully to you, to ensure we have a shared understanding of your goals.   From that point onwards, you’ll be working with a team of highly capable and motivated economists, with exceptional academic credentials and enthusiasm for the work.  You’ll find care and attention to detail in everything we do – and an uncompromising commitment to helping you in any way we can.


Our ability to achieve results for you stems from the fact that we remain entirely focused on your objectives and design our work to meet them.  We are not interested in making arguments for the sake of it.  Rather, we see our role as to work pragmatically with you, to maximise your chance of success.

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