OUR PRACTICE AREASCOMPETITIONDelivering compelling insights for competition cases

We work seamlessly with in-house and external legal teams to support clients through critical business decisions, including when they are:


growing their business through a merger or an acquisition;


facing an antitrust investigation / looking to bring an antitrust case


negotiating a new contract with a customer or a supplier;


considering their position and responsibilities in the market; or


reviewing their pricing practices and other commercial strategies.

Our experience is that economics evidence offers best value when it is developed in a practical way; reflects the realities of the market in question; and is easily understood by our clients, competition authorities and regulators.  In order to achieve this, we always start by taking the time to understand your business and what success would mean for you.  This allows us to develop tailored economic evidence to support your case.

Once we know you are confident that we “get it”, we can develop economic analyses that are targeted specifically to your requirements.  Our work has demonstrably influenced and withstood scrutiny from competition authorities, sectoral regulators and national courts.


Experimenting on Customers

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Thou shalt not pass-on

Reading Time: 10 Minutes

We share our clients’ ambition to achieve the best possible outcomes.  Every member of our team demonstrates this through the deep level of care they apply to all aspects of their work, and client engagements.

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