The UK Productivity Puzzle: A Survey of the Literature and Expert Views

In conjunction with Professor Anthony Glass, Economic Insight have published an article on the UK productivity puzzle in the International Journal of the Economics of Business.

The article explores the determinants of the slowdown in UK productivity growth since 2008 (known as the “productivity puzzle”).  It summarises theoretical and empirical literature on the determinants of productivity in general terms, as well as their relevance to the UK’s productivity performance.  It also discusses to what extent the findings from a survey of leading UK academic experts on productivity provide support for the existing theoretical and empirical evidence on this topic, and help identify and validate the most important factors explaining the UK’s productivity puzzle.  The findings suggest that key determinants of the UK’s productivity slowdown include: insufficient investment; insufficient quality of infrastructure; limitations in human capital stock; and management quality issues.


Reading Time: 60 minutes


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